Sony Launched New Camcorder HDR-PJ650V

2013 will see another hot battle for video camcorders with manufacturers like Panasonic, Canon and Sony jostling for market share with hot new products and better features.

Hot on the heels of new releases by Canon during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas, Sony launched the HDR-PJ650V with improved features such as a customizable front dial for fine control, and a pull-out electronic viewfinder.

Sony HDR-PJ650V

Sony HDR-PJ650V

Carrying on Sony’s proprietary innovation, the HDR-PJ650V also features a built-in projector. This new model has a brightness of 20 lumens, up from 13 on the PJ580. Even better this time, Sony’s engineers have gone one step further and added a projector input. With this you can play external videos through the camcorder. How cool is that!

Built quality is solid with sufficient heft and fits the palm well. It has a clear 3-inch, 921k-dot, flip-out and swivel LCD panel and the hinge is pretty strong. Image quality is excellent for a mid range camera.

The suggested retail price is $1,099.99. Here’s the full Sony HDR-PJ650V review.