Panasonic Showcases 2015 Camcorders at CES

Top camera brands are showcasing their latest products at the recent CES at Las Vegas. Panasonic was indeed highly prominent in their displays and demos with a wide range of cameras and camcorders to retain their market share. Panasonic introduced 3 new 4K and Full-HD camcorders namely the:

  1. Panasonic HC-W570 (RRP $449)
  2. Panasonic HC-V270 (RRP $299)
  3. Panasonic HC-V160 (RRP $229)

All three models come with a improved 2.2MP back-lit sensor (BSI). The HC-W570 and HC-V270 models have a 28mm wide angle lens while the HC-V160 has a more restricted 32.3mm wide angle lens. The higher range models also have 50x optical zoom lenses, whereas the HC-V160 has a 38x optical zoom lens. Also, the W570 and V270 feature five-axis HYBRID OIS+.

Another innovation is what Panasonic calls it as the Twin Camera. It features a rotatable second camera on the side of the LCD screen. . This camera can shoot different angles capturing two scene simultaneously and layers the images onto one file with a Picture-In-Picture (PIP) effect.

New 4K High-End Camcorders

Panasonic 4K FHD camcorders

For higher end prosumers, Panasonic added the HC-WX970, HC-VX870, and HC-V770. These top models are equipped with 4K Video Recording and 4K Photo model. Featuring a 4-Drive Lens System, the HC-WX970 and HC-VX870 models enable 20x optical zoom in 4K resolution. Movie making can be even more creative with the addition of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Movie capability. We believe this is a first in the world of consumer camcorders.

Likewise the HC-WX970 has a Twin Camera. Price-wise the HC-WX970, HC-VX870, and HC-V770 retails for $999, $899 and $599 respectively.