Reversing a car is easy for the experienced driver but no matter how good and experienced you are, you still have to deal with the blind zone problem. When backing your car, there is always that possibility of something getting in the way and you just can’t see it. This is why many of the midrange and high-end models of consumer cars are having backup cameras and/or sensors built right into the back of the car. These cameras work together with the screens that are built into the control console of the car’s interior. Cars are pretty advanced in software nowadays where you can use the touchscreen to for navigation or entertainment services. Even though Garmin continues to churn out high-quality navigation products, not all consumers are aware of that and probably won’t be curious since they can just use the built-in features of their new car. Fortunately, not everyone has the money to buy these advanced automobiles and that is why Garmin’s products continue to sell. On top of that, larger vehicles like trucks don’t have that at all. The Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera is an example of a product that can give old trucks that modern car functionality.

Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin BC 20

About the Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera

Before getting to know the Garmin BC 20, it is important to note that this wireless backup camera is an accessory for select Garmin navigators. The entire package consists of camera, camera mounting bracket, wireless transmitter and the personal navigation device mount. What is missing from the package is the personal navigation device itself. Do not confuse this accessory with the Garmin BC 30 which is compatible with most Garmin nuvi devices. The Garmin BC 20, on the other hand, only works with the Garmin RV 760, dezl 760, dezl 770 and nuvi 2798LMT. These four devices have two things in common – they are very large and they are meant for trucks and RVs.


One of the main features of this wireless backup camera is Garmin’s branding. Many of the backup cameras in the market are unbranded or come from a not-so-known manufacturer so support is questionable and your best bet is to have a professional install the system. With the Garmin BC 20, it is best to consult a professional too but Garmin has a passion for support and offers a way for do-it-yourself fans to independently install the entire system.

The required tools isn’t very vast. You just need a drill and a 0.36-inch drill bit along with a standard #2 Philips screwdriver along with screws, cable ties or bolts to keep the transmitter in place and a solderless wire-splice connector. The official Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera product page on Garmin’s website provides five videos that clearly demonstrate how to install this camera. The PDF manual can be accessed from that page as well.

The mounting bracket opens a lot of installation possibilities. The most ideal approach is to wire the camera system to the rear lights so the camera view automatically triggers when your truck goes reverse.


The specs of the Garmin BC 20 is a little bit weak with a 1/3.7-type CMOS sensor and a 640×480 resolution. Don’t expect some great results at night but during the day, the Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera does the job. For optimal performance, it is best to keep the transmitter not more than 45 feet away from the mount. Depending on the type of truck, you might need an extension cable. It is also IPX7 rated making the camera weatherproof.



• Easy to install thanks to the simple Garmin training videos.

• Costs under $200.

• IPX7 water rating.


• Video quality could be better.

• Limited device compatibility.


If your truck is equipped with a Garmin RV 760, dezl 760, dezl 770 or nuvi 2798LMT, the Garmin BC 20 is a fine extra accessory that finally gets rid of the blind spot problem.