Veho Muvi HD NPNG Extreme Sports Camera

Sports videography is catching on with the young and active. Well if you are into extreme sports what best to show off your exploits than capturing and showing it off. “No Proof No Glory” or NPNG in short, is what UK brand Veho is telling you.

Veho is fast becoming a household name in sports video camera segment. Founded in 2006 it now has sales distribution in over 100 countries.

Veho’s latest VCC-005 Muvi HD range retails from $199.95. The full bundle costing $259 comes with a Waterproof Case and a Helmet Front Mount that allows you to create a true POV angle when filming handsfree. A wide range of body, cycle, motorbike and in car mounting accessories are also available as options. It has a tripod mount too, which is very useful indeed in certain situations where you want more stability. A remote control is also included at no extra cost.

Veho Muvi HD

Veho Muvi HD

Video quality is pretty good and the Muvi HD records in 1080p, 720p at both 60 and 30fps, 960p and WVGA. The 960p mode allows you to record with a tall image. This is great if you are into skiing or skydiving as it captures a larger area so you need not worry too much about where you’re pointing the camera when you’re in the air.

Here’s a short video clip filmed using a Veho MUVI HD:

So if you are looking for a reasonably riced action camcorder, the Veho Muvi HD is certainly worth a consideration.

A New Funky Camcorder From JVC

JVC has just released an updated model to last year’s JVC GC-PX10 and has upped the funk factor. The new JVC GC-PX100 is unlike any camcorder you have seen. In fact it looks more like a digital SLR camera.



Its unique feature is its ability to record at speeds of up to 600 frames per second. This makes it ideal for sports coaches and golf enthusiasts to analyze strokes and shots closely. You can play it back on the LCD screen in slow motion without any editing making it convenient to review your strokes almost instantaneously. It also comes with wireless integration with smart devices making it even easier to review your videos on site without going back home to your PC.

The GC-PX100 records 1080/60p AVCHD video at 36Mbps, and is also capable of recording in MPEG-4 and MOV. The video images look great at 60p, but at 600 fps it loses quite a bit of resolution. It also captures 12 mega-pixel still photos.

Priced at a reasonable $899, the JVC-GCPX10 is a big step forward by JVC in its attempt to create a hybrid still and video camera that targets a different segment of the camcorder market in a smart way.

Sony Launched New Camcorder HDR-PJ650V

2013 will see another hot battle for video camcorders with manufacturers like Panasonic, Canon and Sony jostling for market share with hot new products and better features.

Hot on the heels of new releases by Canon during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas, Sony launched the HDR-PJ650V with improved features such as a customizable front dial for fine control, and a pull-out electronic viewfinder.

Sony HDR-PJ650V

Sony HDR-PJ650V

Carrying on Sony’s proprietary innovation, the HDR-PJ650V also features a built-in projector. This new model has a brightness of 20 lumens, up from 13 on the PJ580. Even better this time, Sony’s engineers have gone one step further and added a projector input. With this you can play external videos through the camcorder. How cool is that!

Built quality is solid with sufficient heft and fits the palm well. It has a clear 3-inch, 921k-dot, flip-out and swivel LCD panel and the hinge is pretty strong. Image quality is excellent for a mid range camera.

The suggested retail price is $1,099.99. Here’s the full Sony HDR-PJ650V review.

5 Tips For Shooting Better Videos With Your Camcorder

You’ve spent good money buying a high definition camcorder. But somehow you find that the holiday video you took is not what you expected them to be. Friends and family members start fidgeting 5 minutes into the video and turn their attention to something else.

Here are some tips to help make your videos more engaging and at least hope to keep your audience attention for a longer time.

1) Videos are too long – this is what all newbies fall prey to. You bought your first camcorder and begin shooting like crazy. Press the record button and keep the tape rolling…bad idea. Most people will not be able to sit through hours of amateur videos. You need to keep your video clips short and to the point. If you know video editing it helps to cut off extraneous footages and make your video short and crisp. If not, plan ahead, have the scene you have in your mind before shooting. As a rule of thumb make each take less than a minute long unless it is really necessary, like your child’s musical performance.

2) Frame your shots well – fill the frame with your subject, and don’t be afraid to place him or her slightly off-center. For example, when filming your children, it is more visually engaging to capture the them in their natural activity like laughing, talking or playing with them a bit to the right or left of center.

3) Use different angles and vantage points – Recording your child playing an entire football game sitting on the bench from the sidelines could be a bit dull to watch later. Shooting from behind the goal, or walking along the sidelines provide more interesting mix of shots, and can heighten the drama of important moments. Also, use the most effective shooting angle: kneel down to get near your subject, when appropriate, or use a higher vantage point to capture the whole pitch.

4) Avoid backlighting – Unless you are creating some special effects, just because youe can see people’s faces when they’re backlit doesn’t mean the camera can. More often than not, images that has bright sky or intense lighting behind the subject shots result in uncomfortable haloing effect with no visible features so you miss out on the facial expressions. By shifting to one side or asking your subject to turn the body slighlty will usually improve the shot. Some camcorders have a feature that lets you reduce the effects of backlighting, but are usually not that effective and tends to make a mess of the scene.

5) Have a pair of steady hands (or use a tripod). Last but not least, a shaky video will turn everyone off. Make sure you keep your hands really steady and pan slowly. Do not make any sudden movements otherwise it will be a nauseating to watch. If you do not have a pair of steady hands, invest in a tripod.

Zoom Q2HD – An Audio Recorder With Video

For budding musicians who are into recording your own tunes you now have a better option. Why not record your performance in high quality audio and top it with video and post it on Youtube. You can have your cake and eat it! With the Zoom Q2HD now you can.

Most video recorders or camcorders focus on high-quality video, with audio as an afterthought, but the Zoom Q2HD Handy Video Recorder allows you to record 1080p HD video with impressive audio quality. It achieves this with built-in condenser microphones. On field tests, stereo separation is superb. However video quality is not up to normal camcorder standards but good enough to post on Youtube. Still, for musicians and those who want better audio quality recordings, the Zoom Q2HD offers a neat package and at $199 offers fantastic value. Color and overall picture is not bad, and at least quite on par with the iPhone 5. But you need a pair of steady hands as image stabilization is virtually not existent.

It is handy and light. Weighs just three ounces and its rectangular shape of 2″ x 5″ makes it easy to fit in your hand. Just beware not to get your fingers get in the way of the lens.

The only complaint is that the battery life in not that great. It runs on a pair of AA batteries but for only two hours with video and four hours with audio recording. It comes with HDMI output and when used with the on-board editing features, you do not need a computer for video editing. Good feature to have when on the move.

Sony Gets Into the Action Cam Niche With The HDR-AS15

Sony is getting away from the standard video camcorder niche which is getting rather crowded with Panasonic, Canon having a big market share. It has instead ventured into more exotic niches like action cams and binocular cams like the DEV 50.

Go Pro has been the market leader in action cams and Sony does not want to be left behind this time. The new Sony HDR-AS15 is the company’s answer to the popular GoPro devices. Quite similar to the GoPro, the HDR-AS15 comes with a waterproof housing that you can safely use up to a depth of 60m which is enough for most divers. And it has built-in Wi-Fi too! In this age of instant sharing this makes it very easy for you to share video, pics, or even control the camcorder remotely. Good feature to have.

Sony HDR-AS15

Sony HDR-AS15 Action Cam

With a 170 degrees superwide angle lens it can shoot in 1080p at 30fps, at a bit-rate of 16Mbit/s. Pictures are very sharp and image resolution is good.

The Sony HDR-AS15 is a pretty handy device with many uses and we look forward to doing a full review.

Canon’s New Flagship HF G30 Makes Up For HF G20 Disappointment

Canon VIXIA HF G30

Canon VIXIA HF G30

If you were disappointed with the Canon HF G20 that was released earlier this year, Canon has surprised consumers with its newest Vixia camcorder : the Canon HF G30.

The brand new camcorder is loaded with features that were surprisingly missing from the HF G20. Packed with the ability to record 1080/60p video, shoot MP4 video at a bitrate up to 35Mbps, a new OLED touchscreen, increased zoom capability (up to 20x), and a slightly larger image sensor to improve the performance of the camcorders updated image stabilization system, the HF G30 comes with a ton of extra features. It also comes with two SD memory card slots but no internal memory.

Look out for it in the next couple of months!

Sony DEV-50 – New Digital Recording Binocular

Wow, binocular camcorder anyone? Check out one of the coolest gadgets to come from Sony. You can have your cake and eat it!

Sony DEV50

Sony DEV50

The gorgeous looking Sony DEV-5 (MSRP $1,999.99) features a compact body, excellent optics, and a weather-proof frame. Optical zoom is a useful 12x, up from the previous model’s 10x. Video recording is Full HD in 3D (or 2D if you prefer). Still photography has been upgraded to the binocular’s maximum effective resolution of 20.4 megapixels.

The electronic viewfinders of the DEV-50 have been upgraded to OLED for a better resolution and color reproduction of the scene. Other useful features include GPS tagging of videos and photos. YOu can confidently use it in the outdoors and extreme climate as it is now both dust proof and rain proof. Although you are not advised to fully submerse the device, but it should be able to withstand the most demanding field work.

Look out for a full review.