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Veho Muvi HD NPNG Extreme Sports Camera

Sports videography is catching on with the young and active. Well if you are into extreme sports what best to show off your exploits than capturing and showing it off. “No Proof No Glory” or NPNG in short, is what UK brand Veho is telling you. Veho is fast becoming a household name in sports […]

A New Funky Camcorder From JVC

JVC has just released an updated model to last year’s JVC GC-PX10 and has upped the funk factor. The new JVC GC-PX100 is unlike any camcorder you have seen. In fact it looks more like a digital SLR camera. Its unique feature is its ability to record at speeds of up to 600 frames per […]

Sony Launched New Camcorder HDR-PJ650V

2013 will see another hot battle for video camcorders with manufacturers like Panasonic, Canon and Sony jostling for market share with hot new products and better features. Hot on the heels of new releases by Canon during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas, Sony launched the HDR-PJ650V with improved features such as a […]

5 Tips For Shooting Better Videos With Your Camcorder

You’ve spent good money buying a high definition camcorder. But somehow you find that the holiday video you took is not what you expected them to be. Friends and family members start fidgeting 5 minutes into the video and turn their attention to something else. Here are some tips to help make your videos more […]

Zoom Q2HD – An Audio Recorder With Video

For budding musicians who are into recording your own tunes you now have a better option. Why not record your performance in high quality audio and top it with video and post it on Youtube. You can have your cake and eat it! With the Zoom Q2HD now you can. Most video recorders or camcorders focus […]

Sony Gets Into the Action Cam Niche With The HDR-AS15

Sony is getting away from the standard video camcorder niche which is getting rather crowded with Panasonic, Canon having a big market share. It has instead ventured into more exotic niches like action cams and binocular cams like the DEV 50. Go Pro has been the market leader in action cams and Sony does not […]

Sony DEV-50 – New Digital Recording Binocular

Wow, binocular camcorder anyone? Check out one of the coolest gadgets to come from Sony. You can have your cake and eat it! The gorgeous looking Sony DEV-5 (MSRP $1,999.99) features a compact body, excellent optics, and a weather-proof frame. Optical zoom is a useful 12x, up from the previous model’s 10x. Video recording is […]